Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vehicle service contract (commonly known as an extended warranty)?

Once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you have nothing to protect you from expensive vehicle repairs. Most vehicles come with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty from the car manufacturer. Once that expires, you have no protection against breakdowns or failures. The service contracts recommended by Certified Car Care assure that for a specified amount of time and/or mileage, both parts, labor and sales tax (if applicable) required for replacement or repair of covered mechanical systems in your vehicle will be paid as specifically outlined in the service contract.

Why should I choose Certified Car Care over the others?

Certified Car Care is one of the nation’s oldest on-line providers of Service Contracts directly to consumers. You can buy from us with complete confidence with one of our many Service Contract Specialists. When looking at extended service contract companies, the financial stability of the service contracts we offer is of the utmost importance. It’s important to know that when a breakdown occurs, your claims will be handled.

We are NOT an Internet only company; we have a long history of selling plans through wholesale channels such as car dealers, manufacturers, banks and credit unions. That’s peace of mind. Others rely solely on the Internet for all their business, that’s risky.

In addition to our financial stability, all our extended coverage plans are from experienced, financially sound administrators who handle your claims and are backed with A-Rated insurance. Insurance provides peace of mind. And if that’s not enough, all plans come with a money back guarantee. You’ll be hard pressed to find more financially stable administrators than what we offer. We can’t reiterate how important that is.

Are the vehicle service contracts insured?

Yes. In addition to our financial stability, and the financial stability of the administrator who processes and actually pays claims, all of the extended service contracts we offer are insured. Insurance provides peace of mind. Their financial strength is the most important factor in buying a service contract. We can’t reiterate how important that is. And if that’s not enough, all plans come with a money back guarantee.

What is the no In-Service date program?

Certified Car Care offers a no in-service date program. All our traditional service contracts begin on the day you buy them, not the in-service date of the car. Quite simply, we offer you more time than the others. If you purchase a 4 year /100,000 mile service contract today, it will expire 4 years from today or when your odometer reaches 100,000 miles. Beware of plans that start your coverage from the day the vehicle was originally purchased brand new (in-service date).

What benefits do you offer?

When you experience a mechanical breakdown, Certified Car Care is there with you even before you file your claim. In addition to comprehensive coverage’s and fast claims handling, your Certified Car Care agreement includes the most comprehensive peace of mind benefits package in the industry. Assistance is available 24/7; you’ll never be stranded on the side of the road with no one to call. Best of all, it’s all part of your fully insured agreement.

Our plans provide protection for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All our plans include FREE membership in a nationwide roadside assistance plan. Simply call the toll free number anytime you need help. This benefit is extended to you for the full term of your contract agreement. Need a tow? Flat tire changed? Lock your keys in the car? Run out of gas? Just call the toll-free number and help will be on the way.

Where can I take my vehicle for repairs?

Repairs can be made at the repair facility of your choice (dealer, national chain, local mechanic) anywhere in the United States or Canada as long as they are an ASE certified facility. We have an extensive database with thousands of repair facilities who have already accepted our plans and can even help you locate a reputable repair facility anywhere in the US. You will not find a plan more widely accepted than ours.

How are claims paid?

All of our plans let you choose the repair facility of your choice and pays your claims quickly and efficiently via a corporate credit card. Simply present your Service Contract to the repairer and have them contact the Administrator listed in the Service Contract (prior to making repairs). You simply pay your deductible. There is no paperwork, no need to lay out any money and no limit on the number of claims you may have. We pay for parts, labor and even sales tax, if applicable, on all covered repairs.

Do I really need an Extended Service Contract?

There are many reasons to purchase a service contract. Your vehicle is one of your biggest investments. An extended service contract will ensure it is always in the best mechanical condition. With the complexity of today’s vehicles, one major repair often costs more than the extended service contract. Hourly labor rates can top $100 or more per hour in some markets.

Since our plans are transferable, they increase the resale value to potential buyers. Who wouldn’t want to own a vehicle that comes protected from repair bills? Our contracts also provide for pro-rated refunds for the life of your contract should you sell your vehicle and elect not to transfer the service contract to the new owner.

Why buy it now? I’m still covered by the manufacturer.

A common misconception is that by waiting to purchase extended coverage, you will get coverage for a longer time. Much like life insurance, costs will rise as we age; a cost for a service contract will also rise as the vehicle ages and accrues mileage. You will be offered the longest terms and the lowest rates for newer vehicles with lower mileage.

We understand that you may have a warranty from the manufacturer. Our coverage is simply an extension of that, not double coverage. The manufacturer’s warranty has been factored into your price quote. The more factory warranty you have remaining, the lower the cost and greater the length of the extension. In other words, you are paying for tomorrow’s coverage at today’s rates. In addition, our Roadside Assistance benefit, with towing may prove to be invaluable during the Manufacturer’s Warranty period.

FACT: The newer your vehicle, the lower the rates for extended coverage.

Waiting may also carry other risks. Coverage costs rise as repair rates do. Labor rates have been steadily rising over the past few years. It is not uncommon for a repair facility to charge $100 or more per labor hour. As more repair data becomes available for your vehicle, its costs may also rise. These factors can cause the rates for your vehicle to rise should you elect to delay purchasing coverage.

I’ve seen lower prices on the Web. Why should I buy a Certified Car Care plan?

When customers question pricing, we often find that no one has taken the time to explain how extended coverage really works and how to accurately compare one service contract to another. Without that knowledge, price is the only thing one can base their decision on. Buying an extended service contract is all about protecting yourself against unexpected repairs and transferring your risk of these costly repairs and having your claims paid. Low prices may look good up front but they are often coupled with low levels of service and many restrictive contract clauses which will lead to many out of pocket costs for you on each claim.

There is an old adage, you get what you pay for. What about claims handling and customer service? These areas are not typically as important to the low price companies. Handling your claim will be hassle free with Certified Car Care plans. No other company handles claims faster or more efficiently.

If you’d allow us the opportunity, we can show you that our rates will be less if you consider total costs over the full life of the service contract.

What if my repair facility won’t take your plan?

It is rare that a repair facility will not accept our plans as they are paid immediately and utilize industry standard manuals to determine pricing. When they find out they do not have to bill us, they are eager to accept the business we refer to them. In addition, they also want your routine maintenance business, so it is rare that they will turn down the rest of your business. We would be happy to call your repair facility to establish a relationship before you buy. In the rare event a repair facility will not accept our direct credit card payment; we will reimburse you promptly for the authorized amount.

FACT: Reputable repair facilities will accept a plan offered by Certified Car Care.

What if I want to cancel my Service Contract?

Our agreement contains full details on refunds. You are entitled to a pro rata refund of the unused portion of your contract. Unlike some companies, we do not pro rate your refund from the in-service date of your vehicle.

Is my service contract transferable?

Absolutely, for a modest transfer fee, you can transfer the service contract to another private purchaser of your vehicle. Vehicles with extended service contracts typically offer much higher resale values because the buyer knows they are not going to get hit with huge repair costs.

Do you have a payment plan?

Certified Car Care offers a convenient payment plan of 25% down, with 12 equal payments for the balance.

How do I enroll my vehicle with Certified Car Care?

You may request more information online using our state-of-the-art online secure software. You may also call a Service Contract Specialist who can take your application over the phone. We’ll simply need your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and an accurate odometer reading. It takes only 7 minutes to protect your vehicle from the high cost of future repairs.

Once enrolled, you will receive your contract booklet which will include full details on coverage and the roadside assistance plan (on select plans).

Where do I get my Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

Your VIN is located in several areas and is a unique 17-digit identifier of your vehicle. The most common are:

  • On the driver’s side dashboard of your car
  • On your insurance card
  • On the title to your vehicle
  • On the vehicle’s registration card
  • On a sticker inside the driver’s side door

Does Certified Car Care have a privacy policy?

Yes we do. In short, any information you provide to us will never be sold or shared with any company not affiliated with this offer. We only send out relevant emails about your price quote, promotions and valuable information about your vehicle. Requests to unsubscribe from our list are handled immediately.

How do I know I can trust Certified Car Care?

There are many factors one should consider before selecting a service contract company. Longevity and a proven track record are two important factors. Certified Car Care only offers service contracts backed by “A” rated insurance companies, some of which are the oldest and largest independent automobile service contract provider in the US. In addition to offering our automobile service contracts direct to consumers, over 2,200 dealers, banks and credit unions choose to market our coverage. Why pay the dealer’s markup when you can buy similar coverage direct from the source? We’re much more than just a web site selling service contracts.