About Us

Certified Car Care has been providing fully insured coverage to customers for their new and used vehicles and has established an excellent reputation in this field. We have proven ourselves to be the best at what we do and we specialize in giving our customers the best protection in the market place today. Our culture creates a unique bond between consumers and the companies that serve them.

Your vehicle is a major investment and it makes good financial sense to protect that investment. Mechanical failures can be unexpected and costly, but you can guard against them, by getting the right coverage.

We specialize in mechanical breakdown protection and provide coverage for customers nationwide. Our objective is to provide the customer with most extensive coverage at the lowest cost. When consumers purchase extended coverage, they need to feel that their investment is secure and safe. The coverage provides expedient and friendly claims handling by ASE certified mechanics and service representatives are available to assist our customers when claims arise, this promotes consumer peace of mind.

We don’t spend thousands of dollars a month on Internet advertising, we don’t have fancy gimmicks and false “sales”, we have been successful providing a good product at a reasonable price, period!